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Project Management

Target Group/Individual

Managers, Supervisors, Entrepreneurs, and any employee in any organisation who wish to gain a fundamental understanding of Project Management in the work dynamic


Many companies are realizing that the traditional project management principles are no longer applicable in today’s extremely dynamic and demanding environment. A fixed approach of planning is no longer a good method since it is very difficult to anticipate everything in advance and respond to it in the plan. Instead, more agile planning methods are required to accommodate for changing markets, technology and resources over the course of a typical project. As a result, new project managers must be systematically thought on best practices and established management techniques

This course will enable learners to 

  • In this course, participants will understand the role of project manager as a broker of information. The emphasis here is on the day-to-day running of a project and in addition the following
  • Manage resources of your project
  • Monitor the progress of your project against targets
  • Use Work Break down Structures (WBS) to plan a project efficiently
  • Handle team members and motivate your team
  • Boost creativity systematically
  • Manage efficient meetings to increase efficiency
  • Maintain rapport
  • Manage change to project requirements

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