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Apply Health and Safety to a Work area

Target Group/Individual

Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Business Managers, and Staff in any Sector


The purpose of this programme is to enable learners to apply health and safety legislation in the form of standards and procedures governing health and safety in the workplace, to ensure that they contribute to a safe, healthy environment for themselves and others

This course will enable learners to

  • Identify potential hazards in the work area
  • Limit damage to persons or property in the case of an emergency
  • Follow procedures that apply to illness or injury in the work area
  • Procedures for reporting and recording
  • Procedures to be followed if an injury may lead to a claim against workman’s compensation
  • A brief incident report is written and delivered to the relevant authority

Practical: As part of the Learners Assessments, learners must compile a Safety Plan

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