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Diversity Management

Target Group/Individual

Managers, Supervisors AND any employee in any organisation


The course specifically addresses two important areas within diversity; skills and awareness. Diversity management is not about walking through a number of equal opportunity guidelines and local laws to force people to comply with regulation. Instead, it is about increasing staff’s awareness to the advantages of diversity and how it can come to profit their organisation or the society as a whole. In addition to awareness, it is also important to work on skills such as listening to others, empathy, confronting inappropriate behaviour, giving feedback and so on. By progressing on these two dimensions, individuals can vastly increase the quality of their interaction and communications with those who are different from them and in turn improve productivity and efficiency

This course will enable learners to

  • Appreciate the importance of diversity in organisations and learn about the best strategies to exploit it
  • Respond to attitudes and behaviours related to diversity and learn how to express yourself better when dealing with others
  • Understand the roots and stages of cultural integration to increase the efficiency of your communication with others
  • Use effective body language to put others at ease and improve your communication skills

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