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Chairing a Disciplinary Hearing

Target Group/Individual

Managers, Supervisors, Human Resource, Practitioners and Business Owners in any Sector


This course is intended for any person in the employment  sector who may have to conduct proper disciplinary hearings and to administer disciplinary principles in a fair and consistent manner. It will lead you through the required procedural and substantive aspects pertaining to disciplinary action principles as contained in Legislation. On completion you are able to effectively handle hearings and reach reasoned decisions on the basis of evidence presented

This course will enable learners to

  • Explore particular types of disciplinary offences
  • Explore Philasophical Attributes in Labour Law
  • Explore types of evidence that may be presented and considered in a disciplinary hearing
  • Explain what mitigating and aggravating circumstances for sanctions
  • Explain the procedure of an appeal and possible
  • Consequences of unfair dismissal
  • Define the role of the chairperson at a disciplinary hearing
  • List the steps and procedure that should be followed in a disciplinary hearing;
  • Explain the concepts of substantive and procedural fairness in the disciplinary hearing

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