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3D Management Solutions provides Training Programs – Geared towards Accredited and credit bearing interventions and the added service of Assessment and Moderation. The challenges’ facing today’s learning and developing organizations are unprecedented, resulting in a workload that often exceeds internal capabilities and distracts your core personnel from focusing on business-critical initiatives.

3DMS is an agile, multidisciplinary, flexible, proactive and Independent business with an unconventional approach to Training and Management Processes and delivers Strategic Innovation and Competitive Expertise for your Training and People Skills Development challenges.


Our values are the overarching principles that direct our approach and our behaviour when conducting our work. Everything we do should be consistent with these values and everyone who works and collaborates with 3DMS should be comfortable with them. We promote these values diligently by and through –

  • Inspirational and enjoyable learning

Learning should be challenging. Excellent teaching is remembered by learners and provides inspiration throughout their lives

  • Working and achieving together

Having a shared sense of purpose, with stakeholders working together to achieve their goals and celebrate successes

  • Mutual respect

Valuing and respecting learners and the facilitator, by promoting equality, diversity and tolerance through positive communication and by challenging discrimination and antisocial behaviour at all times

  • Opportunities for all

3DMS is accessible to people of all abilities and encourages the ethos of lifelong learning for everyone

  • Continuous improvement

Our clients – business partners and learners make a commitment to improvement when they engage with 3DMS to learn. In turn, we are committed to continuous improvement so that only the highest expectations can be met.

3D MS is a legally registered CC 2006/144996/23 in certified good standing with SARS with Vat Registration 4570256794 and a level 4 BEE Contributor. We subscribe to and uphold sound business ethics and will not disclose to any person any information as to the business, dealings, material, practice, accounts, finances, trading, software, know-how, or affairs of its clients or prospective clients


By Excellence we shall Succeed because Victory Loves Preparation

Per Excellentia nos vadum successio quod Amat Victoria Curam”


To deliver outstanding facilitation and energised training aligned to the needs of any client. Through our agile – competitive – unconventional business sense we endeavour to create a culture of service where friends are made, learning is enjoyed and high standards are maintained. We move to extend our links with industry, commerce and education sectors, while responding to the needs of global business

3DMS have key objectives which aim to…

  • Value each individual and treat them as the best in the business
  • Provide a challenging and stimulating learning environment
  • Enable each individual to reach their full potential
  • Offer equality of opportunity
  • Develop and encourage the desire to learn
  • Promote independence and responsibility
  • Provide an awareness and experience of industry, commerce or education
  • Provide clear and concise communication with our clients and business partners